salvador p isiderio - Atty. Salvador P.Isiderio fake and corrupt attorney and lawyer

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Atty. Salvador P.Isiderio fake and corrupt attorney and lawyer

MANILA, Philippines -- The National Bureau of Investigation has arrested a man who assumed the identity of a practicing lawyer.

The NBI’s National Capital Region office said Atty. Salvador P.Isiderio had pretended to be Deodegario A. Belarmino, a lawyer whose office is near the Professional Regulations Commission.

The deception was uncovered last month when Carl G. Fernandez went to the PRC and noticed the office of the real Belarmino.

Entering, he informed the lawyer of a contract of lease he had notarized by the “Belarmino” in Blumentritt.

The lawyer sent his son-in-law and a friend to have an affidavit of loss “notarized” by the impostor and then sought the help of the NBI to bag the fake Belarmino.

Only July 30, Lim, this time with an NBI agent, returned to the office of the fake Belarmino, who not only signed the affidavit of loss but also recorded the document in his notarial register.

The agent arrested Tanjutco after Lim paid the fake lawyer P200 in marked money.

Beware of this fake and corrupt attorney Atty. Salvador P.Isiderio

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